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Rental of business jets for private flights

Modern business aviation gives more freedom to business. You can organize a corporate flight in any direction by choosing an elite private plane with the desired cabin layout. Large business people do not have to limit themselves to regular flights of big airlines and narrow the geography of flights. Ordering a business jet solves the problems of traveling around the world and opens up new opportunities for those who value their time.


business jet rental


Our company offers aircraft rental services of distinct classes, prepared for business flights. Special preparation of the salon, organization of separate conference rooms, and meeting rooms are available on request.



We will make an urgent calculation of the price for your flight!


Why is a business jet an economical service?

Large corporations have long used the services of airlines that offer business jets. This is a crewed plane that can take off from any airport and quickly take you almost anywhere in the world. You can choose one of the light jets that can land even at an airfield near a small city in the Russian backwoods.

By renting a business jet from us, you get the following advantages:

  • professional crew and on-board support, including high-class service;
  • possibility to rent a plane with almost as many seats;
  • flexible approach to determining departure and arrival points and intermediate stops;
  • fully prepared charters, you need not negotiate with airports yourself;
  • cost optimization by selecting the best aircraft and building logistics.

You determine the time yourself and direction of the flight, choose the class of service, cabin layout, and other features. If the desired aircraft is not available at the departure airport, our team will quickly arrange its transfer or offer more profitable alternatives. Renting an aircraft under these conditions saves you time, allows you to fly the next day after the order or choose a date within the next year.


Business jet rental prices

The fastest way to find out the exact cost of a flight on the route you need is to leave a request on the website. The consultant will contact you within 5 minutes, specify all the conditions for your flight and calculate the final price for free. The calculation takes from 15 to 40 minutes. You will get accurate figures, taking into account the number of passengers, aircraft model, crew, and other important points. If this option does not suit you, we will continue to search and select alternative options.

We will select a business jet


You can also use our online calculator and calculate the approximate cost of a flight on a business jet, directly on the site. To do this, fill in all the fields in the form below - including the city of departure and arrival dates and number of passengers. These figures are indicative as a departure airport, they have a Vnukovo 3 VIP terminal, and aircraft models-Hawker 900xp, Challenger 300-850, Embraer Legacy 600. Please note that the calculation is sent to your email address or to the WhatsApp/Telegram messenger, therefore, it is important to specify real data. We guarantee complete confidentiality of your data.



What does the cost of a flight comprise:

  1. type of aircraft - for example, the price of a long range aircraft or medium jet will be more expensive than a piston, small or medium jet;
  2. number of passengers - the more passengers fly, the higher the cost of their service on board and in VIP terminals;
  3. type of flight - there are medical flights (on specially equipped aircraft), transportation of valuable cargo, return flights, Empty Legs, rotational (work on a rotational basis), corporate and other flights. Each type has its own pricing features, but we will try to choose the best option;
  4. flight route - first, the price depends on the destination. Often, the cost of a long flight may be lower than a short one - if the company has priority in this direction;
  5. number of days of parking before the return flight - the longer the plane is parked at the airport, waiting for your return flight, the more expensive the total cost of the flight will be. On average, 1 day of additional parking at the international airport costs about 2000 €. But this amount strongly depends on the aircraft. It is more profitable to order a one-way flight. In combination with returnable Empty Legs, you can significantly reduce the final price of the flight;
  6. additional services - for example, transportation of pets, exclusive catering (with ordering dishes from your favorite restaurants), VIP security and transfer to/from the airport, etc.


Cost of international flights


  • from Moscow to Monaco (Monte Carlo) from €17,000;
  • from Moscow to the Maldives (Maldives) from € 36,000;
  • from Moscow to the Seychelles (Seychelles) from € 42,000;
  • from Moscow to the Bahamas (Bahamas) from €50,000 ;
  • from Moscow to GOA from €31,000;
  • from Moscow to the Dominican Republic (Dominican Republic) from €51,000;
  • from Moscow to Cuba (Havana) from €52,000;
  • from Moscow to Ibiza from €39,000;
  • from Moscow to Amsterdam from €27,500;
  • from Moscow to Dubai from €44,500;
  • from Moscow to Doha from €45,000;
  • from Moscow to Grenoble from €29,500;
  • from Moscow to Chambery from €30,500;
  • from Moscow to Barcelona from €39,500;
  • from Moscow to Geneva from €30,000;
  • from Moscow to Miami from €150,000;
  • from Moscow to Olbia from €34,000;
  • from Moscow to Tokyo from €114,000;
  • from Moscow to Rome from €29,000;
  • from Moscow to London from €34,500 ;
  • from Moscow to Nice from €29,000;
  • from Moscow to Macau from €114,000;
  • from Moscow to New York from €123,000;
  • from Moscow to Los Angeles from €140,000;
  • from Moscow to Berlin from €26,000;
  • from Moscow to Paris from €29,000;
  • from Moscow to Milan from €28,500;
  • from Moscow to Pattaya from €103,000;
  • from Moscow to Bangkok from €114,000;
  • from Moscow to Athens from €27,500;
  • from Moscow to Budapest from €26,000;
  • from Moscow to Hong Kong from €104,000;
  • from Moscow to Delhi from €54,500;
  • from Moscow to Dublin from €36,000;
  • from Moscow to Johannesburg from €149,000;
  • from Moscow to Colombo from €104,000;
  • from Moscow to Kuala Lumpur from €124,000;
  • from Moscow to Larnaca from €29,000;
  • from Moscow to Minsk from €22,000;
  • from Moscow to Munich from €27,500;
  • from Moscow to Prague from €26,000;
  • from Moscow to Riga from €25,000;
  • from Moscow to Singapore from €134,000;
  • from Moscow to Istanbul from €26,000;
  • from Moscow to Tel Aviv from €34,000;
  • from Moscow to Toronto from €124,500;

Besides international flights, a large percentage of business aviation is occupied by regional flights in Russia. It is possible to organize departure from local airports and airfields. At the moment, we have about 1,600 business jets of various classes for flights across the Russian Federation. This allows you to fly long distances without refueling. In addition, we draw your attention to the possibility of long-term aircraft rental, for example, for rotational or regular corporate flights - this will allow you to get the most favorable conditions for renting an aircraft.


online calculation of the price of the flight


Cost of regional flights in Russia


  • from Moscow to St. Petersburg from €19,000;
  • from Moscow to Yekaterinburg from €23,000;
  • from Moscow to Sochi from €23,000;
  • from Moscow to Kaliningrad from €23,500;
  • from Moscow to Krasnodar from €22,000;
  • from Moscow to Kazan from €19,000;
  • from Moscow to Crimea from €21,000;
  • from Moscow to Tyumen from €25,000;
  • from Moscow to Chelyabinsk from €24,000;
  • from Moscow to Krasnodar from €26,000;
  • from Moscow to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk from €49,000;
  • from Moscow to Khanty-Mansiysk from €45,000;
  • from Moscow to Novy Urengoy at from €42,000;
  • from Moscow to Vladivostok from €96,000;
  • from Moscow to Novosibirsk from €22,000;
  • from Moscow to Volgograd from €21,000;
  • from Moscow to Nizhny Novgorod from €19,000;

This is only a small part of the possible flights. Our flight consultant can provide you with more accurate information about a particular city.


Examples of prices for flights already completed


Direction PAX Aircraft Price* Time
 Moscow - Nice 7 ✈ Hawker 400XP 20300 € 03:50
 Saint Petersburg - London 8 ✈ Phenom 300 19600 € 03:05
 Moscow - Thessaloniki 4 ✈ Cessna Citation Mustang 13500 € 03:05
 Moscow - Geneva 7 ✈ Nextant 400XTi 22000 € 03:45
 Moscow - Havana 13 ✈ YAK 40 VIP 106000 € 19:20
 Moscow - Pisa 7 ✈ Cessna Citation Bravo 23000 € 03:40
 Moscow - Bali 6 ✈ Pilatus PC-24 96000 € 23:40


Form for requesting manual calculation of the cost of renting a private plane by our manager:

Flight cost calculator

From whence
Where to
Number of passengers
Departure date
Return date
Your name
Your phone number


Total cost of flights, by type of plane

As we wrote above, a significant part of the amount directly depends on the type of business jet. It is quite logical that the larger and more luxurious the plane, the more expensive the cost of renting it will be. For understanding, we have collected general information that clearly conveys the order of numbers:

  • Turboprop plane-rental price from 1000 euros per hour;
  • Small business jets (ideal for flights in Europe) - the rental price is approximately 2000-3000 euros per hour;
  • Light jets (capable of flying medium and short distances) - the rental price is between 2500-4000 euros per hour;
  • Medium-sized jets (for example, Cessna Citation XLS+ or Hawker 800XP, etc.) - the average rental price is 3500-4500 euros per hour;
  • Upper middle class planes (for example: business jet Challenger 300 and similar) - the price will be around 5500-7000 euros per hour;
  • Large business jets (such as Legacy 600 and others) - the price starts from 6000 and up to 6800 euros per hour;
  • Long-distance planes for large flights (for example: Global 5000, Falcon 7X, Gulfstream G550, etc.) - the cost will be around 6500-11000 euros per hour;
  • Business Airliners (the most top-end and large options) - the price starts from 11,500 euros per hour.


private jets catalog


What plane you can rent?

Among the business jets, there are both small light-engine aircraft with inexpensive operation, and huge liners with special interior preparation. For example, Britten-Norman turbofan aircrafts are used for practical when flying with landing on small airfields, even including unpaved runways. And the Airbus A380 business jet is used by world-class billionaires and celebrities for special flights with the highest service requirements.

The following jet classes are available for rental:

  • small light aircrafts with flexible route planning;
  • middle class with excellent interiors, high comfort and flights up to 2000-3000 km without refueling;
  • classic business aircrafts that provide a high level of comfort and medium-distance flights;
  • long range business jets that can make transatlantic flights;
  • huge liners based on the largest passenger aircraft in the special conditions of travel.

The company’s catalog also includes special aircrafts that perform medical tasks, cargo transportation, and flights with difficult landing conditions. For each case, business aviation will offer the best version of the aircraft. It is important to specify as much information as possible about your upcoming flight, so that our managers can offer you the most suitable service options. Your flight will be comfortable and fast.


private business jet flight


Examples of business jets for rent

  1. Piper Aztec. Twin-engine turboprop aircraft, for which there are no barriers from the point of view of takeoff and landing. Very comfortable and fast light aircraft.
  2. Cessna Citation Longitude. Comfortable transport with excellent luxury interior layout. The flight will feel more comfortable than in a large liner.
  3. Gulfstream 150. One of the most common aircraft in business jets. The ability to fly almost anywhere in the world.
  4. Airbus 318 Elite. A huge jet with a unique interior prep for business flights. One of the best aircraft in business aviation worldwide.
  5. Bombardier Challanger 605. A Canadian plane that is valued for its smooth flight, excellent interior decoration, and top class. Available for rent from any large and medium-sized airport.


How can you book an aircraft rental service?

You can use the classic rental system and specify take-off and landing points. Also, during the checkout process, choose the appropriate additional services, class of service, and number of personnel on board. You can use the Empty Legs system, which allows you to get discounts of up to 70% on flights using business jets. Choose the cooperation model and fill out the application form on the website. Also call the company’s managers for consultations and ordering.



Scheme of our work
01.Application form for flight
02.Selection of aircraft

sending a commercial

03.The choice
of the aircraft

the conclusion of the contract
and payment


with flight data and
crew contacts


from the selected location
at the appointed time


Let's talk again, 5 simple steps:

  • Step 1 - Leave a request on the website, via email info@arenda-samoleta.su or call us at the phone numbers listed on the site;
  • Step 2 - we will contact You within 5 minutes and clarify all the details of the flight and important points;
  • Step 3 - Select a suitable plane, coordinate options and details of the flight;
  • Step 4 - Specify the ultimate cost of the flight and prepare the documents;
  • Step 5 - Make the flight itself, at the agreed time, with the provision of all agreed services.

From the beginning of cooperation, you will be assigned a personal flight consultant - who will always be in touch and solve all the tasks. We try to complete all the steps described as quickly as possible. With fast, mutual communication, it is possible to organize an urgent departure from Moscow and St. Petersburg within 3-5 hours.



We will make an urgent calculation of the price for your flight!


Additional services

Our clients can not only rent a business jet but also get a range of additional services that will make the trip even more pleasant and convenient.

This includes the following services:

  • Catering during the flight, including exclusive service;
  • Provision of high-speed Internet on board the aircraft;
  • Passenger service in VIP terminals of departure and arrival airports;
  • Organization of a transfer with the provision of any convenient transport from a business class car to a helicopter or yacht. The shuttle service is available in any country and city of arrival;
  • Booking hotel rooms, villas and cottages;
  • Selection of Empty legs flights for considerable savings on the rental of a private plane;
  • Professional security-both at the airport and at the place of arrival, with the involvement of bodyguards;
  • The charter of the aircraft and the organization of parking at the airport of arrival;
  • Management of your aircraft;
  • We will help you rent a private jet for a long time, from 1 week;
  • Aviation consulting services;
  • Arrange the rental of a business jet for the filming of the movies and photo sessions.

These services are charged separately. Also, the total rental price does not include airport fees, payment for each extra flight hour, and treatment of the aircraft with de-icing liquid. You can check the prices of additional services and calculate the total cost of the charter using your personal manager.


11 years in business aviation


Selection of business jets

Depending on the passenger capacity, flight range, and design features, business aviation aircrafts are distinguished by the following main types:

  • Light turboprop. Designed for flights over distances up to 1300 km at speeds up to 400 km/h. They carry up to 4-7 passengers.
  • Light jet engines. They can accommodate 4-9 passengers and fly at speeds of up to 800 km/h over a distance of up to 2000 km.
  • Medium reactive. Aircrafts capable of covering distances of up to 3000 km at speeds of up to 900 km/h. Designed to carry 8-9 passengers. They are distinguished by a more comfortable interior.
  • Super-medium jet engines. Business jets for transportation of 10-12 passengers. They can fly at distances up to 7000 km, develop a cruising speed of up to 900 km/h.
  • Long-haul jet engines. Business aviation aircrafts for long-distance flights - up to 10,000 km or more. Most models in this category are designed to carry 8-15 passengers. The cabin of such a business jet is characterized by extra comfort, can have sleeping places, an office, a leisure area and other areas.


corporate flights on a private jet


With the help of our company, you can rent a business jet of any type for a fast, comfortable and safe flight. There are also many variations, which will depend on the final cost. We offer the organization of:

  • medical and sanitary flights - for transportation of bedridden patients and injured people, with the involvement of doctors and professional equipment;
  • business charters - with satellite communication on Board, organization of negotiations, etc.;
  • cargo flights - for transportation of valuable and fragile cargo;
  • corporate flights - for large companies and corporations;
  • tourist flights - for flights to ski resorts, Islands, popular beaches and holiday destinations;
  • promenade flights - on a business jet over beautiful places;
  • flights with Pets - for example, flying on a private plane with a dog, cat, or other animal;
  • childish flights - we will arrange a flight for your child, accompanied by a nanny;
  • geological survey flights - with the installation of your equipment in the aircraft, for the duration of the lease;
  • rotational flights - to remote and hardly accessible places;
  • sports charters - for various sports teams and their accompanation;
  • wedding flights - for newlyweds and their guests, it is possible to organize a wedding ceremony in the air;
  • VIP charters - flights for show business stars, media personalities and famous personalities;
  • special flights - for state officials and top officials of States;
  • search for empty Legs return flights - we will find the best flight for you using the Empty Legs system.


Our catalog of aircraft and helicopters includes over 5000 models - so we can always choose the best option for you. The consultant will listen to all your wishes, search and calculate the price, and then send all the information to your email or messenger.


medical private jets



Our team

Our team includes real business aviation professionals from all over the world. At the moment, the company employs 42 specialists dealing with the flights' organization on business jets. When ordering a flight from us, we guarantee that a personal aviation consultant will work with you, who will be in touch 24/7 and answer all your questions: from choosing an aircraft model, optimizing a route, selecting a crew and other important points, to solving personal meals, meeting guests, organizing security and other assignments.

We guarantee the service at the highest level. If you have any questions, you can always contact the company management and resolve all issues directly. Our work main goal to do everything possible to make your flight as comfortable, pleasant and safe as possible.


photos of our employees


Our employees speak Russian, English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Greek, Czech and other languages. All documentation is provided in English. The company successful work is confirmed by many official certificates and various awards (which list is also presented in the presentation).


official certificates and awards


Company management


director of company

Evgeny Sabitov - the European Direction Head. Official mail: yevgeniy.sabitov@arenda-samoleta.su


Executive Director

Polina Dobrynnikova - Russia and CIS countries Direction Head. Official mail: polina.dobrynnikova@arenda-samoleta.su



Roman Fedorov - is the American direction and the CIS countries Direction head. Official mail: roman.fedorov@arenda-samoleta.su


administrative director

Olga Politsina - Latin America Direction Head. Official mail: olga.politsina@arenda-samoleta.su


company management

Andrey Ryabov - is the Asia and the Middle East countries flights Head. Official mail: andrey.ryabov@arenda-samoleta.su


Our Advantages
More than 350
More than 42 professionally trained employees
More than
3 000
11 years
We organize
urgent flights
from 4 hours
experienced pilots
and flight attendants
on flights
Some of the best
prices for flight
in Russia

Departure and arrival airports

In Russia, most often we carry out departures and arrivals to VIP terminals:

  • airport Vnukovo, Moscow city, ICAO code - UUWW, IATA code - VKO.
  • Pulkovo airport, the city of Saint Petersburg, ICAO code - ULLI, IATA code - LED.
  • Sheremetyevo airport, Moscow city, ICAO code - UUEE, IATA code - SVO.
  • airport Domodedovo, Moscow city, ICAO code - UUDD, IATA code - DME.
  • airport Ostafyevo, Moscow city, ICAO code - UUMO, IATA code - OSF.
  • airport Bykovo, Moscow city, ICAO code - UUBB, IATA code - BKA.
  • airport Sochi, city of Adler, ICAO code - URSS, IATA code - AER.

But in addition to the above options, it is possible to organize flights from other cities and small regional airfields. Each case is negotiated individually, the polish depends on many factors (aircraft model, airfield condition, crew needs, etc.).


airports for private jets


As for international flights, our capabilities are even wider. This is largely due to the presence of many small but high-quality airfields that allow you to safely land a business jet in the location you need. That is, in addition to flights to classic international airports, we can prepare a flight for you to a local airport. At the same time, we will fully take care of all the aircraft coordinating the flight and chartering issues.


business jet flight map


Feedback from our customers
We guarantee our clients complete confidentiality,
however, sometimes we ask their opinion about our work
Business flights
«I do not turn off from business processes, even in flight!»

For work, I often have to fly to the CIS countries and Europe. And often in small cities, which to get from large airports, is a whole epic. Private jet flights are not a luxury for me, but my time effective management. Because they can land even at small airfields and save a significant amount of time. Another important advantage for me is the ability to constantly be in touch and not be disconnected from business processes.

I would like to thank the Private Aircraft company for their duties quality performance. During 4 years of cooperation, there were different situations, but for me, the most important thing is that the company employees are always in touch, fully lead the entire process and resolve all emerging issues. This is exactly the autonomy kind I was looking for. I hope that your services' quality will only improve and reach new heights. I am sincerely glad to cooperate.

Flying on holiday
«A turnkey flight complete organization is bliss, you can finally relax your head.»

Time flies very quickly, I was amazed at the realization that we have been flying with you for 6 years! I write reviews very rarely, but I could not refuse you:) My husband and I are very glad to have found you and are grateful for the high-quality, and most importantly, human approach. For me, the most valuable moment is that I can completely relax and turn off my head during the flight. This happens only when you meet real professionals in their field)

We regularly fly as a family on vacation, then to the mountains, then bask in the sun. In addition to the plane, we rented a helicopter several times to quickly get to the resort from the airport - it's worth it. In a limited time, the savings are significant). Another very important plus for us is that there are no problems with transporting dogs, without which you cannot take your husband to rest.

I would like to separately note Roman work, our aviation consultant. A real professional, always polite and does not ask unnecessary questions. A couple of times we were very late for the airport, but this did not cause any problems. In general, I decided to pay you a karmic debt and thank you for all the years of flights. I sincerely wish you prosperity and further development!

Corporate flights
«Organizing an urgent flight possibility is a decisive factor for our company.»

We have been cooperating for more than 4 years and for us, the Private Aircraft company has closed several important tasks at once: rotational flights organization for employees, top management business flights, as well as flights for our guests and European partners. I would like to express my gratitude to my aviation consultant, Evgeny Novikov, for his conscientious work and professionalism in solving the assigned tasks. In all the above areas, the company has proven itself as a reliable partner capable of solving serious problems.

For me, the quality main indicator is the force majeure situations solution that rarely happens but still happens. Evgeny helped us a lot, in situations where it was urgent to find a more roomy plane, change the flight route or additionally find a helicopter to transport guests. For 4 years of joint work, we have managed to solve all the tasks, therefore, with a light heart, I thank you for the service high level, customer focus and reliability. We will be glad to continue our cooperation with you!



Representative offices in Russia addresses


Phones: 8 (495) 128-30-91 - multichannel phone

WhatsApp и Telegram: +44-7857574938 - WhatsApp и Telegram

Email: moscow@arenda-samoleta.su

Head office: VIP terminal Vnukovo 3, Vnukovo airport named after A.N. Tupolev, vl3k1

Sales office: Sheremetyevo airport named after A.S. Pushkin, terminal A (business aviation)

The Moscow office photos:


photos moscow office


Location map::




St. Petersburg office


Phone:+7 (812) 603-73-28

Email: spb@arenda-samoleta.su

Address: Russia, Saint Petersburg, 196140, Pulkovskoe highway, 37k5A

Working Hours: Mon-Sun: from 6:00 am to 2:00 pm


The St. Petersburg office photos:


photos St. Petersburg office


Location map:




The company international offices


Office in London (UK)


Telephone: +44 785 757 49 38

Email: london@arenda-samoleta.su

Address: UK, London, Heathrow Airport, office 206 (Heathrow Airport Limited, The Compass Center, Nelson Road, Hounslow, Middlesex, TW6 2GW)

Working Hours: Mon-Sun: from 6:00 am to 2:00 pm


The London office photos::


photo office in London


Location map:




Location map:

Office in Riga (Latvia)


Telephone: +(373) 293 11817

Email: riga@arenda-samoleta.su

Address: Latvia, LV 1053, Marupe Region, 10/1

Working Hours: Mon-Sun: from 6:00 am to 1:00pm


The Latvian office photos:


photo office in London


Location map:




Office in Paphos (Cyprus)


Telephone: +(357) 25 123022

Email: kipr@arenda-samoleta.su

Address: Pafos International Airport, P.O. Box 62320 P.C. 8063 Pafos, Cyprus

Working Hours: Mon-Sun: from 6:30 am to 2:00 pm


The Cyprus office photos:


photo office in Cyprus


Location map:



Frequently asked questions and answers

Our managers often have to answer questions from potential customers about the specifics of renting a private jet. We have collected the most popular ones in this category. Read the selection to get a better understanding of business aviation and flights.


What do I need to do to rent a private jet?

There are three ways to do this. Call at any time at the phone numbers listed on the site. Write a letter in any form to our email address. Or by filling in the corresponding items in the online order.


Does the response to the request come quickly?

We have a staff of consultants who send a business proposal within an hour after receiving the application. If there is a request for an urgent departure, the order is processed as soon as possible. You will be contacted conveniently and will be told about the options and nuances of flight organization.


What is included in the rental price?

The offer price includes booking the entire flight, flight, catering, except for exclusive dishes. The price includes the navigation fee and other types of air charges, the working hours of the entire crew, service in the VIP terminal, and support by a personal manager. You may need to pay for De-icing-special treatment of the aircraft against icing. Each item related to the organization of the flight will be discussed with you in advance.


Why do we need de-icing treatment? In what cases is it performed?

De - icing (de-icing) is a procedure for processing the body of an aircraft to clear snow and ice crust, and to prevent icing during takeoff and climb. The processing is relevant for winter time, if the thermometer reaches low temperatures.


What should be considered when choosing an aircraft?

To choose the best option for a business jet, you must take into account the route, the number of passengers on board, service and food options, personal wishes, and budget. There are different private airliners that a charter expert can help you understand. It finds out the preferences of customers, answers questions, and helps you make the best choice based on the information collected. You can get acquainted with the aircraft models and compare their characteristics in a special section of the site.


What papers will I have legalize?

Our specialists prepare the documents for the flight. You don’t have to worry about making contracts and applications for flight. We provide standard invoices and certificates of work performed.


Are there any baggage restrictions?

Restrictions on cargo transportation can only be related to the volume of the aircraft’s luggage compartment. Safety regulations prohibit the carriage of luggage in the cabin. Therefore, if you need to carry an oversized cargo or an enormous amount of luggage on board, pay attention to aircraft with a large luggage compartment at the booking stage. You can ask your personal consultant about the load capacity and volume of the luggage compartment.


What is the minimum time you can submit a ready-to-fly private jet?

The minimum preparation time is 3 hours. During this time, our team will solve all organizational issues, select the best option for a private plane, and find the crew and staff to service the flight.


I don’t need the entire plane, just a few seats on board. Can I redeem them?

You can only rent a private plane completely. We do not provide a service for booking a single passenger seat or multiple seats on board.


Who will meet me at the airport? Who should I contact?

All necessary information about your flight will be available after the official confirmation of the charter. Your personal manager will be on duty around the clock. You can contact them and ask questions.


I want to adjust the route and change the number of passengers. How can this be done?

Any adjustments are possible. However, you must notify your personal manager in advance. If a significant increase in the number of passengers is planned, it should correspond to the capabilities of the rented board.


Is smoking allowed in the cabin of a business jet?

To smoke on board a private plane, the owner’s permission is required. At the stage of and selecting the best business jet option, inform your manager that the flight will be required for smoking passengers.


How long before departure do I have to arrive at the airport?

You will need some time to complete check-in, which ends 15 minutes before departure. To avoid problems with flight registration, we recommend that you arrive at the airport at least half an hour before departure — this is the deadline.


Are there any restrictions on flights for health reasons?

There are no strict restrictions. Everything is the same as for regular flights. If you have any health problems, consult your doctor about the flight.


Will there be a doctor or medical professional on board who can provide first aid?

There is no doctor on board a private plane. In case of non-standard situations, first aid is provided by a flight attendant. She attended a training course and received the skills at the stage of preparation for the profession.


I would like to fly with a pet. Can I bring my pets on board?

Traditional types of pets may fly. But to transport a pet, you must take a permit from the veterinary service. Some countries have several veterinary regulations and restrictions on the import and export of exotic animals. Tell us about your desire to take the animal on board in advance, so we can clarify all the nuances at the landing point.


We need a private business jet for 8 people. What is the best version of the aircraft, if you focus on reliability and comfort?

Several aircraft models offer an excellent combination of price and comfort. Examples include the Challenger 300, Hawker 850, Gulfstrem 650, and Global 6000. The final version depends on the client’s wishes.


What level of training do private jet pilots have? How to ensure the safety of passengers?

To get a pilot’s license, the pilot is certified. The certification procedure for obtaining work permits is also carried out by the airline carrier and all service personnel. One acknowledgement of pilot training is not enough. There are certain periods of time through which he confirms his qualifications. Mandatory training sessions are provided for pilots throughout their professional careers.


Who selects the crew? Is it possible to make adjustments and select its members?

There are difficulties in the replacement procedure. A proven crew is already assigned to each side. It will simply replace the flight attendant, add another one or put a personal steward on the flight.


How convenient is it to hold business meetings on board the plane? Are the conditions created for this?

Holding business meetings during the flight is a common practice. Our clients hold meetings with each other, and with partners who are not present on board, via satellite communication — via phone or Internet.


What is a charter flight?

Charter flights are made not according to the usual schedule, but under the client’s requirements. The route and time convenient for the client are coordinated. The customer pays for the charter flight. In simple words, a charter flight is a flight outside of the regular schedule, performed on the route and schedule required by the client. The order includes the rental of the aircraft together with the crew, meals, on-board service.


What meals will be provided to passengers on a private plane?

Business jet passengers receive VIP meals based on their personal preferences and individual wishes. Let us know if you want to get food from your favorite restaurant. We can arrange delivery of any drinks and ready meals from the chef. We guarantee service that meets the highest standards.


If the opening hours of a small airport are limited, can it be extended? Are there exceptions for private planes?

It is easy for us to agree on an extension of the airport’s operation in the event of an expected departure or landing of a private business jet. In each case, negotiations are being held to organize services at an unscheduled time for the airport. If your original plans have changed, you want to postpone your flight to an earlier time or delay your departure, please inform us as soon as so we can resolve all issues related to the flight and the airport in a timely manner.


Should a personal manager accompany us during the flight?

A personal manager-consultant is available for communication all the time of preparation for the flight and during the flight. It controls the operation of services, solves any issues related to the organization of the flight. If our client wishes to have a personal aviation consultant present at the airport, and on board the aircraft, we will provide this opportunity.


I don’t want to be distracted from my work during the flight. To do this, I need Internet access. Will I have the opportunity?

Yes. We provide our clients with free Internet access, guarantee high-quality communication and high-speed data transfer. Even during an Intercontinental flight, you can use the Internet with no restrictions.


Tell us about the features of the business jet. How does it differ from a regular passenger plane?

A business jet is also a passenger plane with an increased level of comfort. It is used by VIP persons: business people, officials, and just wealthy people. In the service, the rate is placed on maximum convenience for passengers. Customers can enjoy a restaurant menu, Internet, comfortable bed, shower and bathroom. A business jet can be called a full-fledged office with additional amenities. Everything is provided for the ability to negotiate and resolve issues related to business. Passengers have equal opportunities for work and leisure. After the flight, the client feels rested. Comfort is supported by qualified personnel and compliance with safety protocols.


Can I get a good night’s sleep on board a private jet?

Of course, because we are announcing maximum comfort. For relaxation in a private plane, there are soft sofas or even isolated from the major area of the restroom with an enormous bed and a separate shower. You can find out more about arranging sleep for passengers from your aviation consultant.


Is it possible to organize an outdoor branding of the aircraft for a corporate flight?

To show the significance of a corporate flight or other important event for you, we organize branding inside and outside. This can be an individual design of the external part of the board, broadcast from screens in the VIP room, logos applied to the headrests, and other types of advertising design.


What does the speeded customs control procedure mean?

This means that customs control in the VIP terminal will be carried out according to a sped up procedure, so you save time and comply with the rules mandatory for civil aviation, including business aviation.


If I want to change the number of passengers to more, will the price change?

In most cases, no. An exception may be the use of a VIP terminal at several airports. If you significantly increase the number of passengers, you must take into account the technical characteristics of the assigned board. Let us know as soon as possible if any changes are planned so we can make the adjustments in time.


If I find an offer with the best price, can I contact you for a discount?

We are ready to discuss any options to provide optimal conditions for our clients. If you were offered a better option, let us know. We have established strong partnerships with many private jet owners. A discount or special price can be discussed individually.


Can I arrange for the car to be delivered to the plane’s ramp?

At most airports, we can get the permits to bring the car to the ramp and save you time.


Empty Legs — what is it?

This is the name of a section of a complex route when there are no passengers on board the business jet and no cargo is being transported. For example, you need to transport two batches of passengers from Moscow to London with a difference of one day. One private passenger plane will be assigned for this purpose. First, it will transport one part to London, then it will return, and the second part will be transported the next day. A return flight without passengers will be considered Empty Legs. The cost of an "idle" flight is lower than the standard one. To organize a private flight with Empty Legs, there is a large selection of aircraft.


Is there always a flight attendant on board a private plane?

If a business aircraft belongs to the light class and can accommodate up to 8 people, the mate takes care of the passengers. All midsize and higher-class aircraft have a flight attendant on board.


How do I pay for a private plane flight?

This is done in the usual ways: in cash with the provision of a cash receipt for the provision of services, by bank transfer under the agreement, or by credit card.


We discussed the booking conditions, but I changed the schedule and route. Can something be done?

We never give up on our customers. If you have a sudden change of plans, let your aviation consultant know. In the vast majority of cases, there will be no problems with changing the flight route and time. We guarantee no financial losses by the customer.


If any of the airport can be arranged the departure and landing of a private jet?

You should use the ICAO and IATA airport identification codes. It is assigned by the international air transport Association. Restrictions for departure and landing of the aircraft are the length and width of the runway. For each specific type of aircraft, the regulatory indicators are different.


What happens if I miss my flight?

We also have to deal with such practices. We understand our customers, but we ask you to warn us about delays in advance, so we can change the departure schedule as soon as possible.


Can you describe the crew?

The standard composition includes the aircraft commander, co-pilot, flight attendant. On light types of aircraft, only the commander and co-pilot, or even one captain, work.


Can I be sure of the quality of food on board?

Sure. We offer our clients to choose dishes from the menu of their favorite restaurant in advance. If you do not have any preferences, we will offer food options from the menu of famous restaurants in the city.


Can I take a dog on board?

You can do this, but you must have a veterinary passport with notes about the preventive vaccinations made to the animal.


5 passengers were agreed to board, but it was necessary to increase the number by another 2. Can this be resolved?

The limit is only the number of passenger seats on board the aircraft. But we need to know a little in advance about all the changes made. This is necessary to solve several organizational issues.


What procedures will have to be performed at the airport of departure and arrival?

Our major goals are comfort, speed, and high quality of customer service. Airport procedures are standard. But all of them pass through a simplified scheme, in a sped up mode, through the VIP-zone to save the client’s time.